Be Careful of the “Friends” You Have (Part 2)

Shanquella Robinson’s story is so disturbing and it made me think of previous experiences I had with so-called friends. In my previous post, I wondered if she saw any red flags or sensed anything negative about her “friends” and simply disregarded it? Well, I used to have a close friend (let’s call her Amy*) that I knew for several years; we worked at the same employer, and we would hang out after work or on the weekends. She seemed gentle, kind-hearted, and a good listener. If we did not hang out, we would still talk via phone, chat, text, or email. I did not feel any weird vibes or feel anything was “off.”

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Refuse to be Discouraged like Nehemiah

I’ve read the story of Nehemiah several times and this time (you can check out my previous blog post about Nehemiah here), I was amazed to see how it related to my current situation. I’ve been working on staying close to God, reading my bible a little more, trying to remember who He is and not believe lies from the enemy about God, myself, and what God has promised me.

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Classic Car Show

In November 2021, I attended a classic car show in Rosemont, IL and took almost 200 pictures (I finally got around to organizing them last weekend). There were several different cars as well as classic bicycles. I really enjoyed this day because I was able to get some use out of my camera (I hadn’t used it in a while). I also had joy and peace while driving and even explored nearby areas after attending the car show. It was nice to travel to a new area without having a lot of fear and anxiety. Thank you Jesus for giving … Continue reading Classic Car Show

God Protected Me on a School Field Trip

The other day, I thought about when my mom told me how God protected me on a school field trip. My first-grade teacher, Mrs. Schuneman (can’t remember how to spell her name), always took our class on various field trips—we had a tour of a firehouse, saw a performance at a theater, went to a pumpkin farm, etc.

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Sewing Machine Update

I realized that I never gave an update about my sewing machine from February 2020. After I’d written that post, I took my machine to a Singer Factory Outlet on the northwest side of Chicago; I thought they could look at my machine and remove the tight screw. I was concerned that the repair cost would be expensive, and I wouldn’t have my machine for several days. In addition, I didn’t want to buy another machine when I hadn’t experimented with the different settings and stitches. I prayed and asked the Lord if it was ok to go and “safe” … Continue reading Sewing Machine Update