My love of writing came from various books I read as a child (remember “The Baby-Sitters Club,” “18 Pine St.,” or “Sweet Valley High”?) and a longing to use my “voice” to create something meaningful since verbally expressing my ideas usually led to a brain freeze. For me, writing is a release–a furious scribble of my Paper Mate against the page dumps everything from my head and heart.
When I write, my purpose is to educate and inspire others. My poetry has appeared in Rolling Out newspaper and Wright College’s literary magazine The Wright Side (2013). In addition, my essay I Freed Myself When I Embraced My Locks was published in Newsweek (2007). The Secret to Creating Loving Relationships is my first self-published book, which empowers women and men to make better choices in relationships. I also blog about my relationship with God and the lessons I’ve learned on this amazing journey.
I also realized that I enjoyed editing/proofreading during my job as an English tutor in college, where I marked up students’ papers and offered suggestions about how to make their papers better. I enjoy dissecting information and restructuring it like a plastic surgeon, not only improving the words’ beauty, but giving them substance as well. My passion is helping others to express their ideas coherently and eloquently. With my help, you can feel confident that your documents will leave a strong, lasting impression on your audience. When I edit your work, my goal is to encourage, inform, and connect with readers.