About Me

My name is Evette Collins and I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. Since I’ve developed a relationship with Him, my life has changed for the better! In the past, I used to have a negative perspective of myself because of my own insecurities, the lies from the enemy, and negative comments/ridicule from other people. Christ has helped me to see that I am His child, I belong to Him, I’m accepted by Him, and He has a purpose for my life.

Several years ago, I had the desire to start a blog to share my experiences. My blog has different examples of how God has guided me in certain situations, encouraged me when I felt defeated and hopeless, and helped me with problems that were challenging or insignificant (when I say insignificant, I mean things that I wouldn’t usually talk to God about; things that I thought I could handle myself). I also share my struggles, accomplishments, and lessons that I’ve learned.

I’m sharing my experiences to encourage other believers and draw others to Jesus Christ. It’s essential to have Him in your life and you will not be able to make it through this life without Him. Want to know more? Click the file below for a free pdf download.

Just because you have Jesus Christ in your life doesn’t mean that you will have a perfect, problem-free life. What it does mean is that you won’t have to face your troubles or difficult circumstances alone. He will give you the peace that passes understanding (Phillipians 4:6).

Feel free to check out the videos on my Youtube channel or the blog posts on this blog. Thanks for stopping by 🙂