Welcome to 2019!

Man Leaping into 2019

Thank God for allowing me to make it to a new year! The months of November and December have been difficult spiritually—the enemy was whispering various lies in my ear and as a result of not having God’s word/truth rooted in me, I started questioning and doubting my salvation. I even questioned God’s character because I thought He was instructing me to do one thing (He would tell me to “stand up” against the lies and deception) and then saying I should do something else (the words “sit down” constantly came to me, especially when I would use His word to come against the lies that were hurled at me. Wasn’t I supposed to fight with His word? Was I supposed to be completely passive and wait on Him to do everything?).

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Changing Your Story

Tired woman sitting on the floor

One of my favorite websites, Daily Om featured a great article by Madisyn Taylor called “Creative Cuts: Editing Your Life.” She describes life as a movie script that we can edit or change when our story no longer works for us/serves our purpose. By taking control of our lives and changing things we don’t like, we become empowered.


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