Why I Deactivated My Facebook Page

Grave with thinking bubble about addiction to facebook. Vector illustration addiction concept

I had been on Facebook for several years and used it to connect with classmates/coworkers, post pics, and share various updates. Although I enjoyed “connecting” with others, it also felt overwhelming trying to like, comment, and keep up everyone’s updates. In the past, I looked at everyone’s pics and felt like I should’ve been doing the same things they were—partying, traveling, or going on dates. I decided to unsubscribe from a lot of people and kept receiving updates from others. I realized that if I wasn’t happy with myself or my life, then I should do something about it instead of feeling envious of people I barely knew.

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Four Symptoms of Pride


A few months ago (on two separate occasions), I was stunned when God revealed that I was being prideful. Pride is one of those sneaky sins that’s usually the root of a deeper issue (i.e. some people may act as if they’re superior to others but truly feel inadequate on the inside because of how others treated them in the past). I knew I was struggling with some things but never thought I was prideful. I used to think that pride was related to being arrogant but after doing some research via online searches and books, it turns out that the following behaviors are prideful:

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Can God Really Help Me With THAT?

She got it

I spent this weekend trying to figure out how I could install an operating system on my Macbook. I had initially installed El Capitan in May after using Snow Leopard for a while but erased El Capitan from my hard drive because I wasn’t satisfied with its performance (plus I thought it caused my CD/DVD drive to stop working but the drive probably died; after all, I’ve had this computer since 2011); also, I’d read negative reviews about El Capitan and thought, “Oh no, I don’t wanna deal with that.”

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