3 thoughts on “God Gave Me Strength and Courage to Stand Up for Myself

  1. This video was awesome my sister!! I think some mistake meek for weak and try to walk all over someone trying to do what is right. I was the same growing up. I was timid, so I often let people walk on my heart. I’m so proud you stood up for yourself, which was the right thing to do. 👏🏼
    I have also experienced hate towards me from people from my own race, as well as others. I’m glad my parents taught me to just love people like God does. He created us all equally. He loves all His beautiful children! It’s a shame there are people out there who haven’t learned this truth yet.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and helping people to realize that meekness is having great strength. Blessings! 💜💕😄🌻

      1. I wish I could say I haven’t. The one thing I know is God don’t like ugly. And He takes care of His wonderful children like you! I pray you never see have to see that kind of hate again. 🙏🏼

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