Be Careful of the “Friends” You Have (Part 2)

Shanquella Robinson’s story is so disturbing and it made me think of previous experiences I had with so-called friends. In my previous post, I wondered if she saw any red flags or sensed anything negative about her “friends” and simply disregarded it? Well, I used to have a close friend (let’s call her Amy*) that I knew for several years; we worked at the same employer, and we would hang out after work or on the weekends. She seemed gentle, kind-hearted, and a good listener. If we did not hang out, we would still talk via phone, chat, text, or email. I did not feel any weird vibes or feel anything was “off.”

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90 Day Fiance–Molly and Luiz (Red Flags)

hands of husband and wife with wedding rings.

A couple of weeks ago, I watched 90 Day Fiance, a reality show about couples who met their significant others in different countries and they have to get married in 90 days. Molly had met Luiz in the Dominican Republic on a girls’ trip; they fell in love and wanted to get married so she arranged for him to come to the United States.

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Why I’m Allowing God to Choose My Husband (Part 1)

Beautiful African American woman

Although Eric* told me he was agnostic when we first started dating (he didn’t believe in God but he couldn’t say that God didn’t exist), it didn’t scare me away. I was a new Christian and thought we could still have a healthy relationship as long as I didn’t cram my beliefs down his throat and he accepted that I wouldn’t change my faith. So what if he’s not a Christian? I thought. He might be a really great guy and I want to get to know him better.

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