Sewing Machine Update

I realized that I never gave an update about my sewing machine from February 2020. After I’d written that post, I took my machine to a Singer Factory Outlet on the northwest side of Chicago; I thought they could look at my machine and remove the tight screw. I was concerned that the repair cost would be expensive, and I wouldn’t have my machine for several days. In addition, I didn’t want to buy another machine when I hadn’t experimented with the different settings and stitches. I prayed and asked the Lord if it was ok to go and “safe” came to me. However, my mother was concerned that the store would rip me off and thought that I should buy another machine. I decided to go to the Singer Factory Outlet and see what the result would be.

I went to the Singer store and told an employee what happened to the machine; I asked if it was possible for someone to remove the tight screw. She took my machine in the back of the store and brought it back to me with the screw removed! I was so amazed, ecstatic and relieved! I also bought a few extra screws since the tight one was stripped.

Once I told my mom what happened (that the Lord told me it was ok to go), she was glad that everything had worked out.

 It’s been a joy to sew again! Here’s a few pictures of projects I completed:

Mickey Mouse tote bag (completed in 2020)
Cork Board Cover (completed a few months ago in 2021)
Zippered Pouch (completed a few months ago in 2021)

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