Refuse to be Discouraged like Nehemiah

I’ve read the story of Nehemiah several times and this time (you can check out my previous blog post about Nehemiah here), I was amazed to see how it related to my current situation. I’ve been working on staying close to God, reading my bible a little more, trying to remember who He is and not believe lies from the enemy about God, myself, and what God has promised me.

I’ve also been working on changing negative thoughts—whenever one pops up, I’ve been able to say, “Nope, that’s a lie. I’m not gonna worry about that.” It really irked me to realize that every time I make a little progress, here comes the enemy with his dumb, evil behind with more ridiculous thoughts and fear to pull me back into darkness. His stupid butt can keep trying because I will NOT give up.

In the story of Nehemiah, he decided to go to back to Jerusalem to help repair its broken and burned walls. He and several other men were repairing the gates and walls of the city to make it more secure. As they worked, a couple of their enemies taunted them and tried to make them that their efforts to rebuild were worthless: “if a fox climbs up that wall, he could knock it down” (Nehemiah 4:3 my paraphrase).  Nehemiah didn’t waste his time replying and snapping back at everything they said (I have to admit, I’ve done this with the enemy when I am frustrated because I’m so sick of his evil behind!). He continued to work and encouraged the other men around him. I found it interesting that Tobiah and Sanballat kept messing with Nehemiah, making up lies, and kept trying to trick him. Nehemiah and the others were trying to make the city more secure, and it seems like Tobiah and Sanballat were threatened because they were no longer going to have access to the city. It almost reminds me of how a toxic ex will make you feel guilty or cause you to second guess your decision to leave them because you’ve decided to stop putting up with their bad behavior. 

Not only is the enemy threatened by our purpose and the plan that God has for our lives, but I realized that he’s threatened when you want to make changes in your life. He’s threatened when you want to get rid of old habits that waste your time, drain your energy, and pull you further into darkness. He’s threatened when you want to live right and please God. 

God has reminded me to not give up and to keep going. Thank you, Lord, for your encouragement. No weapon formed against me (and anyone who is reading this) shall prosper! If things are rough right now, I pray God will give you the strength and the passion to finish what He told you to do. 

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