Be Careful of the “Friends” You Have  (Part 1)

I heard about Shanquella Robinson’s story a few days ago, and it disturbed me. She went to Cabo, Mexico, with 6 “friends” to celebrate one of their birthdays, and the next day, Shanquella was dead. Her “friends” called her mother and said she was ill from alcohol poisoning; then they called her mom again and said she passed away. Shanquella’s autopsy revealed that she died from a broken neck and injuries to her spine. A video surfaced online, which showed another woman attacking and beating Shanquella; one of Shanquella’s male “friends” who filmed the attack asked Shanquella if she was going to fight, and Shanquella replied “No.” I did not want to see the video because it’s too upsetting.

It’s obvious that Shanquella’s “friends” were involved with her death. I believe they were deeply envious of her as well and planned this trip to murder her and take her money. Various news sources state that Shanquella had a sweet, kind personality, had a successful hair braiding business, and also paid for the trip to Cabo.

These “friends” are demons in disguise, sociopaths, and children of the devil. How could anyone viciously beat another person, watch him/her suffer and die, and get enjoyment out of it? That is absolutely disgusting and sick! I’m not sure how long Shanquella knew these “friends,” but I wonder if she ever sensed anything negative about them and dismissed it? I’m not trying to blame her for what happened; I have dismissed troubling signs that I noticed about people I used to know. She must’ve been confused, shocked, and terrified to see her “friends” acting this way.  It’s one thing to steal from someone or even belittle him/her because you’re jealous, but to take Shanquella’s life in that manner was brutal and evil.

I’m glad that her story is getting more coverage and am praying that her killers will be punished.

Please pray for Shanquella Robinson’s family.

3 thoughts on “Be Careful of the “Friends” You Have  (Part 1)

  1. My prayers go out to her question is what kind of society we are raising children? It’s seems these days children are left to be raised by reality TV, rappers, and the house wives of… are broken no rules or respect and parents have given up.

    1. Yes, you are right. I would also say that people are not raising their families with Godly values, to have a fear/reverence for God, or to have a relationship with Him. They’re not teaching their kids the right things at all; if the parents haven’t addressed their own issues or don’t know how to deal with their own issues, then they pass those things down to their children, and the children continue that toxic cycle.

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