Face Your Fears

Springfield-Capitol Building-May 2016-ECC

A couple of weeks ago, I drove to Springfield, IL to participate with my union in a rally against Governor Rauner’s budget cuts, lack of a budget, etc.

​I’d never visited Springfield and wanted to drive there but of course fears and anxieties emerged—“What if I get too tired while driving?” “What if I get a flat tire?” “What if there’s a shooting on the expressway?” Once I started looking up information about where the rally would be, where to park, and how to get there, I started feeling better but was still nervous. I prayed and asked God if I should even go on this trip. As I fretted and worried, I heard the Holy Spirit say “safe.” However, I became confused when I heard “cancel” (God has told me “cancel” when He warned me about places I shouldn’t go or people that I needed to stay away from).  Once again, fear got in the way—was “cancel” referring to the Springfield trip or something else? What if I was misinterpreting what the Holy Spirit said? What if driving to Springfield wasn’t “safe” and something bad happened? I really wanted to go and didn’t feel as if there would be any problems, but still…

Again, the Holy Spirit told me, “safe” and I decided to drive to Springfield. If the Holy Spirit said “safe,” then we (my mom came with me) should be fine. We attended the rally and even explored Springfield a little bit. Thank God we made it there safely and back home without any problems. I’m proud of myself for going on this trip and this experience showed me that I’m capable of accomplishing things despite the fears that I had.


Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do, but you convinced yourself that you can’t do it? Why can’t you? Who or what is stopping you? Wouldn’t you hate to look back and think, “Man, I wish I had’ve taken a trip there, started a business, wrote a book, etc.”?

Don’t let your fears stop you from accomplishing your goals and living your life. God will lead you in the right direction and is always with you. He knows what the future holds so if He warns you not to do something, go somewhere, etc. then you need to listen. If He instructs you to do something, then you need to do that as well. Philippians 4:13 states, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” You may feel like you’re not capable but you actually are; God will help you accomplish your goals and give you the encouragement and strength to achieve your goals, no matter how big or small. All you have to do is try!

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