Can God Really Help Me With THAT?

She got it

I spent this weekend trying to figure out how I could install an operating system on my Macbook. I had initially installed El Capitan in May after using Snow Leopard for a while but erased El Capitan from my hard drive because I wasn’t satisfied with its performance (plus I thought it caused my CD/DVD drive to stop working but the drive probably died; after all, I’ve had this computer since 2011); also, I’d read negative reviews about El Capitan and thought, “Oh no, I don’t wanna deal with that.”

​Last month, I reinstalled the original software (Leopard?) in addition to the last operating system that I’d been using (Snow Leopard) and this weekend I decided to see if I could reinstall El Capitan but my efforts were unsuccessful.  After several Google searches, I was ready to pull my hair out and collapse in a heap on my floor. I tried to download El Capitan from the app store, create a bootable USB stick, partition my hard drive, etc. but none of my attempts worked and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong; I was ready to give up.

I actually prayed to God and asked for help because I couldn’t figure out what to do; I’d even chatted with 2 customer service reps from Apple and still couldn’t figure out a solution. A short time later, a thought came to me to check for software updates; turns out there was an update for the App store, which I downloaded. When I was in the app store prior to the software update, I wasn’t able to download my previous purchase of El Capitan but now I was able to successfully download and install it! This was amazing to me because I hadn’t thought to do this before and I believe that God helped me to think of this.

Lessons learned? Don’t get caught up in what other people say; I could’ve kept El Capitan on my computer and downloaded the Sierra operating system once it was available. Also, don’t be afraid to ask God for help, especially if it seems like the most trivial/unimportant thing. I tend to wonder if God can help me with something so “small” versus something major. And God always shows that He’s capable and will come through in any situation, big or small.


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