7 thoughts on “Good-bye Facebook!

  1. If it’s not out of necessity I would delete my account too. I prefer the old school of talking face to face.

  2. I did not delete my Facebook account, but stopped being subscribed to several groups. Those Facebook Groups where just a wast of time and a place where certain people just try to annoy others or use very bad language so that they could feel great themselves. Lots of people on those groups only wanted their words placed and wanting everybody agreeing with it, not listening to others who wanted to go in debate. I found many ego-trippers over there and not many who could go into a serious debate.
    I advice people better to look at serious websites and serious blogs, plus to read real paperwork and books.

    1. You’re right, Marcus…in one of my groups, the “debates” would get pretty nasty if someone had a different view/opinion. Sometimes people would post certain topics just to get a reaction. I don’t miss that! And I’ve been getting back to reading books and other blogs, which is nice.

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